Why is my game crashing

I can’t seem to understand why is my game crashing?

It seems there is a problem with the objects on the second layer in scene “Scene” because if I delete them (they are my actors) the game plays…withou actors of course.

When i leave the objects there, just as i press P, blender would crash


I am using Blender 2.61 on Windows 7

I can confirm the crash with an SVN build (maybe a day or two old). I’ll try running it through a debugger later today.

Thanks, I’m in a little hurry, Somebody asked me this game game but I stuck since 2 days now on this point.

When i don’t delete the objects it crashes there, before the blue line. Any clues?

Homer, Selma, Patty, Monty Burns, Ned Flanders (mesh Cone.015 - Cone.018) all these objects has a broken shape key.
I didn’t found any way to remove the broken shape key.

You only can export, delete and reimport the objects.

Thank you for guessing it.

Thanks, this is SOLVED

It seems the problem from my view is that when I decided to start using them today, I find that they work at first when the game is playing before crashing eventually. But what happens after I save and open the file again is that now the object data is corrupted and the game engine crashes on startup.

I’m not sure how long this bug has existed or what commit introduced it, but right now I would say that shape keys are completely unusable in the game engine in the majority of cases.

I don’t recall there being an issue with shape-keys before… Is the problem appearing with a game that was made with Blender 2.6?

Check the GE-bug tracker at projects.blender.org, some of the newer ones concern issues related to shape keys.

For one thing, I was hoping shape keys would work in an experiment I was doing to enhance the Endless mode in my marble game where objects would have shape keys and they would be created in a random position between two of the keys to get a bunch of different variations out of one piece (the random variation would’ve been done using the action actuator with a randomly set property). I was also hoping that I would be able to use reinstancePhysicsMesh() to make it usable in gameplay, but I can’t test if it would work with the shape keys crashes.

I have the code that I need to do this in place, but creating objects with shape keys in them results in the crashy behavior I mentioned above and I think is also mentioned in the tracker.

This should now be fixed as of r44103.

However, as of right now, any previously corrupted blendfiles will still not work. I am sorry for any data loss this may have caused. :frowning:

Dont be sorry for anything.!! The new features you added to blender game engine are useful and we thank you for that.

So would we only need to delete the objects with the shape keys to take care of it (as that stopped any crashing problems before) or does the fix only work in a file that hasn’t use shape keys yet?

The fix prevents the shapekeys from getting corrupted in the first place. So, any file that has already been broken will need to be fixed in some way or another.