Why is my game slow even though I did the LOD system?

Sounds good but i need to understand somethings.
1-What is library?
2-how can i reach it?
3-and how can i link and group objects?

First, the library is the blender files-which are in the folders with the game - it can be monsters, weapons, first aid kits (each file is a library) objects in these files must be added to the group - and the group must have a name that reflects the essence of the object. Second, to add such a group to the game level file, you must make a link - and specify which group you are linking. Third, to group an object, you must select it and create a group in the object panel and specify its name, then set the offset from the cursor next to the create group icon there is a triangle button by clicking it set the offset from cursor - where the 3d cursor will be there will be a new center of the group (be careful with this, it is better to set the 3d cursor to the center of the object) and when the group is created, you can add it via shift+A add a group, do not forget to save the file and if you edit groups that are linked to other files, also save the changes

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