Why is my GPU usage so low while rendering with OpenCL?

I always though that my GPU was in 100% use when rendering with OpenCL, because it can render twice as fast when compared to my 6-core CPU. However, today I discovered that it sits in ~50% usage when rendering, no matter the scene. Also, it doesn’t even activate it’s boost clock.

Why does this happen? Does the same happen with NVIDIA GPU’s?

My hardware:

AMD R9 270X
16 GB 1866 MHz HyperX
FX-6300 - OC @4.4 GHz

Windows 10
Catalyst 16.7.3

Image: https://i.imgur.com/RwIw7vI.jpg

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If it’s any help, my MSI GTX970 works flat out rendering using the Nvidia driver and CUDA on Ubuntu, I cannot comment on Windows, I haven’t used Windows for more that 8 years now, preferring Ubuntu for my server and Mac for everything else.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks. I just realised that it depends on the scene itself. This scene only stresses 50% out of my GPU, but the one of the BMW stresses 100%.

Hi, did you use big tiles for render?
OpenCL like it, try one tile for example.

Cheers, mib