Why is my image texture repeating?

I have UV unwrapped an image that I want to place as a decal on a plane. In the UV editor, when I scale up the vertices, the image repeats on my final texture. I tried setting my Image Mapping to Clip, but it still repeats. I have tried this in 4 different versions of Blender, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for helping.


My plane renders fine, but in the 3d Viewport, it won’t work with any display. I’d like to see it in the viewport so I can make my adjustments there before my final render.


If you scale the vertices larger than the image in the UV editor than it will repeat the picture as if it were tiled all around itself

Oh and make sure your Mapping under Textures is set to UV coordinates

Right, I got that. But that can be changed under the texture’s Image mapping options by changing it to clip.

Like I said, it looks fine when rendered, but not in real time.

thanks, though

I wasn’t referring to Image Mapping just Mapping. If you didn’t know :slight_smile: I don’t know then. I ran a test and when I left the mapping on generated but loaded the image in the UV editor and unwrapped it, I got the same results as you described.