Why is my lighting setup doesn't help me get Shaders? + Questions.

So recently I’ve been working on this little rendering scene of my v_hands_o_0 mod for hl2.

and i’ve stumbled upon some problems here.

I HAVE researched about my problems and been looking for tutorials all around.

But still i end up asking for help here.

  1. Why when i render the final scene via animation i don’t get any shaders on my model in the video?


  1. Is Blender Render better or Cycles Render?

  2. What can be the best settings for this type of First-Person Camera.

4)* When i choose “60 FPS” the videos goes fast like 3x Forward IDK why.

That’s all i need to know for now…

Thank you, I hope someone can help me out with these…:frowning:



HD Hands_texes.zip (14.5 MB)Vid Rend.blend.zip (737 KB)

I can see a pair of hands with some textures in it. What is the problem?

Video does not show. Have you deleted it?