Why is my model so shiny when rendered?

Why did it come out like this? Doesn’t look anything like this in any other view.


Did you add a spec map?If not go to materials and tone down the specular setting intensity

This is specular intensity set to 0. I don’t have a spec map on it as far as I know. I have spot lights with 1.5 intensity so i set it down to .5 but still got that shine. hmmm The only modifiers are subsurf and multires

If you really want help with this, you’ll need to give more information. Best is the .blend file. Next best are screenshots of your setup: materials, textures, etc. Screenshots of where your lights are placed, etc. We don’t even know if you’re in Blender Internal or Cycles at this point!

(But posting a .blend is best…)

Sure, I didn’t even think of that. Link to the file:


Every single lamp on your scene is at 1.0 power. Given that you have six lamps (three of them really near the model), it’s no wonder your model is greatly overexposed.
You should also reduce the specular intensity to 0.0, and up it slightly if you need some shine.

Okay thanks for the help. This is the most helpful forum iv ever visited. Great community