Why is my object half transparent in material view

I’m in material view using cycles and when I go into render view the colors wont show up.

So uh… is this Material Preview in the screenshot?
If so it always uses EEVEE. And if so this looks a lot like maybe you’ve set Material Properties > Settings > Blend Mode to “Alpha Blend” (which has it’s quirks due to how it works).
But that’s just a guess

Or backface culling? Or inverted normals?

Hmmm… See the wall texture? If it were culled (is that a word?) we’d see floors and inner walls. It seem to render alright… just in the wrong order.
…I think.

Yup you are right :bowing_man: i was to fast… transparent… hmmm its’ in the title… (have to get a break).

In the material settings, is the blend mode set to “alpha blend”? That setting can cause this effect.
The material preview mode uses EEVEE and so the transparency settings for EEVEE will be used. Alpha blend gives noiseless transparency at the cost of the order of surfaces being possibly incorrect. If that’s what is happening, you would want to set it to any other option, depending on your material’s needs.

Same thing happens in EEVEE and I have set the blend mode to opaque

And the problem doesnt happen on my laptop but that thing takes like a day to render because the components are so old

If this happens on one computer, but not on another, then it sounds either like a bug, like one of the computers has an issue, or possibly some texture failed to be found when transfering between computers.

I didn’t transfer between computers

And the colors should look like this

hmmmmm… ALL materials are opaque in there? But then, how can it lose colors…
Can you share the file (if it’s not too big)?

I can’t upload attachements

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your previous comment then.

So, what about trying a few things to narrow down the issue?

-What about the materials? are they just basic colors/textures or do they have complex node setups? How do the objects react if you assign fresh materials?
-How about trying to append the objects in a fresh scene? Then we would know if the problem is with the .blend file itself or something else.
-Try exporting the objects as a .obj file and reimport them to see if the problem is with the meshes. Also import them in an other file.
-What version of Blender is this? Is it an experimental version, or does it have special add-ons?
-It could be a problem with the computer itself, maybe a poorly supported gpu or old drivers?

Hmm now after a break :wink: … on laptop it works but you didn’t transfer between computer ??? Did you toggled X-Ray? (here is suzanne in a cube):

It doesnt allow me to toggle it on or off

The materials are just textures/images
I can try appending it
I have been importing them as .obj and I’m not white sure what you mean in that second part
It is blender 2.92 no addons

I transfered blender from my laptop to my pc, updated graphics drive and still same problem

Basically, what I mean is:

-Export the mesh as an obj file.
-Create a new blend file with default settings and import the obj.
-Re-create the materials from scratch.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, then I don’t know what would.

So this is an image from blender where it is okay… Then there must be some settings changed !!

What?.. and iit doesn’t help to show more images of what it looks like… show images of you whole window with view/render settings

Because on your laptop it works…

The colors working was in solid view,

And I don’t know what you mean on that second part