Why is my obstacle leaking

Hi, In the following blend file, I made about 5 m domain box and a plane sufficiently thick to contain the fluid, as obstacle. However after the fluid is baked, it gets leaked out of the obstacle and drops down into domain box. The plane is well contained inside the domain, to slip. Please suggest.

Vijay S


lake.blend (893 KB)

Check the scale values for each of your fluids, domain and obstacles. They are all over the place and the obstacle has a negative scale. They need to be 1. Clear each of their scales with Ctrl+A / scale in object mode.

Thank you. it worked. Can you please explain what is the significance of it? Does it mean that I used a scaling modifier, but didnt actually apply?

Thank you, it worked. However can you please explain what is the significance of scale values to be 1?

You scaled your objects in object mode, this changes the objects scale. If you scale in edit mode the object scale will be unchanged.
Many simulations rely on the scale value of the object, If you have a messy model you’ll get a messy result.

I see… But if we scale, move or do any other transformation(except extrude) in editmode, the pivot points moves away from center, right? so I was sticking to transformations in object mode. Do I have a choice here?

Vijay S