Why is my render so grainy?

Hello, I’m very new to Blender, but I can’t seem to find the answer to why my render is grainy. Could anyone help me? It’s probably something really stupid.Help!.blend (1.62 MB) <- Here’s the file if you need to investigate more



Too few samples for “Gather”.

The lighting setup sucks

  1. The main light source you’ve set is an overall light from the environment
  2. Indirect lighting is on, yet it’s not set to approximate so it’s not used and I don’t see a reason to use it
  3. Mentioned gather samples are here
  4. There’s also a point lamp in the scene with low samples. It’s a light source emitting everywhere from a single point
  5. Objects have weird shading. Mainly because of smooth shading and stored custom normals. Custom normals override auto smooth angle setting. There are mesh errors too, clearing custom normals doesn’t clean up everything completely.

This one is without custom normals on the meshes, a bit of world lighting to give overall light and lighter shadows, a sun lamp to give direct light and sharp shadows. Color management is using filmic so the energy values might seem high if used in a default setup.

The .blend didn’t have textures packed in, it also doesn’t save the render in the file, and compress wasn’t enabled for down-/upload.

Thanks! I knew I was being an idiot xD

Not at all. There’s a lot to it and it’s not wrong to ask, especially when you asked the right way and included a screenshot and an example .blend. The screenshot could’ve included the whole interface, showing the version information, but good enough.

The .blend enables others to look into it and answer, which is the only reason for direct answers and pointers, not because the subject is that easy.