why is my skin jammed?

Hai Blenderfriends!,
Hopefully thid is an symple question , why is the mesh/skin got jammed in the render, i’ve weightpainted all night long but that didnt seem to solve the problem.


Whenever a paper gets stuck in my printer, I just take a good grip and pull, until I get the paper out, maybe the technique could be applied here.

Ok, on a more serious note, you should try to explain your problem more clearly, because I don’t quite know what you are having problems with. Is it rendering, rigging, deformation…?

O, hi Morio,
I think its deformation/rigging, cause when i start to animate it, those rippels come up, i cant find the reason for that. in rest position it is nice n smooth.
does that rings a bell?

grt, Tom

Could you show the topology of your model?

Do you mean this? im verry new to blender, thank for takin’ a look at it! greetz Tom

I know you said you spent a bit of time weight painting but it could be one of the other bones is affecting that part of the mesh. It is very easy to happen. Go into Edit Mode (not weight paint mode) and go to the vertex groups. Click on each one and Select/Deselect to see if you have a group that is assigned to that area that should not be and then correct it.

Nice one!!!, this is a new area to have a look at! thanx!!!

yes, it totaly the case!!! you made my day!!


Very good!

Have fun animating your character!

Render, much better, not what i want but i can live with this…