Why is my subD do horrible?

I am following this anvil tutorial and seem to be the only one having this problem.
There are no duplicates and no creases. I don’t get it. Where do the sharp edges come from ?

Anvil.blend (718.5 KB)

Your end face is an Ngon by the looks of it. See the edge loop doesn’t go all the way around? use the knife tool to cut that end face. Chances are you did have some doubles there or something was off when you originally made the edge loop.

I “knifed” it as you suggested. It just shifted the sharp corner up a little. There are sharp corners like that in other places as well (such as the edge at the bases). I included the file in the original post in case someone wants to take a stab at it.

select all vertices and try this image

It’s the first thing I tried.
There are no double vertices on this model (which is I attached in the original post)

could you share the blend file?

Jerzy, the file is attached to the original post.

I think somebody came here with the same problem on the same tutorial few days or weeks ago ^^
It was related to Ngons, maybe a triangulate modifier before the subsurf will help :slight_smile:


i didn’t notice it

The problem with your anvil was flipped normals. Probably they appeared after the boolean operation

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WOW. Thank you Jerzy. The simplest thing got me.

In 2.8, activate the Face Orientation overlay to more easily check for flipped normals.

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Good one. Thank you !