Why is my surface like this !!

I am just getting into Blender and can’t find a solution to an early problem which has cropped up as shown in attached jpg ‘nose_object’

Can anyone shed some light on what setting I should have to avoid the non smooth surface. The nose cone is fine but he rest of it is uneven and showing the mesh divisions. Using the smooth tool makes it worse.


Richard C

Why have you not supplied a link to your .blend file. This is mandatory for ALL support questions.

Check for faces inside your mesh
Check for duplicate vertices (select and move)
Remove doubles (select all and W / remove doubles)

Sorry Richard - didn’t realise file was mandatory.

You don’t perhaps have a python script running that’s doing that?

That mesh was imported, right?
It brought custom vertex normals with it, which normally should ensure correct shading, but in this case don’t for some reason.

  1. Delete the custom vertex normals:

  1. Set shading to smooth and set AutoSmooth to a lower angle (30 degrees or so):

The geometry of this mesh is a bit messy, so don’t expect wonders. With functioning custom vertex normals the geometry wouldn’t have mattered, but with the averaged vertex normals you’re dealing with now, any mesh error might result in shading glitches.


Thanks for that. It has certainly improved it but I shall go back into SketchUP where I modelled it and check normals etc. I imported from SketchUp as an obj file. I have since discovered a Blender SketchUp import script in this forum prepared by Martijn Berger aka Juicyfruit.

It appears very good and imported the full version of my model including materials without problem. I’d recommend it if anyone reading this has SketchUp tp Blender problems. I purchased another script a few days ago called BlendUp - it isn’t as good as Martijin’s at doing the same job.

Thanks again Ikari

Richard C