Why is my texture applied on everything

I want to have the droplets only on the inside of the cup but even after selecting the faces and hitting apply on a new material, it still applied to everything.

blend file:

The faces have a new Mat ID and assigned a new mat and it still does that eh? What about selecting the inside faces, separating them, then doing the same thing.

You need two materials. The first is glass which is applied to the entire object. After that you add a second material slot for the glass with condensation and apply that only to the required faces,

i already did that but it still does not do the thing.

like cutting the part where i want to apply the material?? sry, I dont really understand what you are saying about the seperation.

Like this…wouldn’t this work? I don’t know if this is the best method, but It should work…as long as there is no visible seam after adding different texture.

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I’ve just downloaded and opened your file. You only have one material applied to the Cup object. You need two materials. One for Glass and one for Condensation.

You can kind of do it backwards from the point you are at now by adding a second material slot, giving it a glass material, selecting everything apart from the condensation area and assigning the Glass material to it.

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You have edited your Glass material instead of basing a new Condensation material off of it. That’s why even your saucer has condensation all over it now. Check from 11:14 in the original Blender Guru video.

Meanwhile here’s how to quickly fix it. Apart from this you’ll have to then change the material on your saucer to this new Glass material.

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You should do this with a mask (texture or vertex colors) instead of face assignment, at least you won’t get a hard cutoff between glass and droplets.




I would prefer to not rely on geometry like that, and instead unwrap in a deliberate way to so I could create a mathematical mask within a single material slot. Or probably better yet, do a proper (paintable) unwrap and paint in the mask.
It’s not wrong per se to use two slots. But you’re locking yourself to geometry.

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Yes, both very good options, but the original poster is following a tutorial series of videos. He just missed out a step or two. Better that he completes the tutorial first and understands what is happening and why before branching off into (superior) alternative methods.


Yeah sorry, your absolutely right. Do the tutorial first, the way it was intended. I didn’t check the tutorial out, and I forgot about the question being tutorial related.


since i have no idea what you just typed, mind if you can somehow show me what you typed? haha sry for bothering you and thanks for the reply!!