WHy is my texture placing itself on the whole mesh when I did not assign it to it ?

facesConfusion2.blend (813 KB)

I am not telling blender to put this graphic on the whole mesh. When I create a new material my mesh automaticly turns black and the graphic gets placed on the whole mesh. I dont want it on the whole mesh I just want it on the UV map


facesConfusion.blend (812 KB)

Maybe I need to copy the mesh to a new document so it looses its data and start over one face at a time. ? but still it seams there should be a way to see what data is attached to the mesh and a way to clear it off. Also I inadvertently switched from data to object in the materials panel. Maybe that the problem.

Hello. First of all make sure to have a light object inside the scene. Second, check out my post here on how I apply textures to be shown both in material and solid views. Hopefully it helps.

Because it is the first material on the list.

The first material will always get applied to the entire object.

Only after you have a default material as layer, can you start to individually assign a material.

Very Cool Thank you icythe !


Here in the post above I started out selecting a face and assigning a material to that face. And it worked out. But now from this post I can see how I can override a mesh that has already been UV unwrapped be assigning a material to it first.