Why is my X axis symmetry off center?

Hello. I have an object on sculpt mode that doesn’t mirror quite right when I turn on X symmetry.

This isn’t happening for other objects. I tried making a duplicate but the problem remains.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

are you sure the origin is at the middle? maybe share one of your objects?

I think it is. Here you go!


what part are you talking about? for the vest for example the symmetry is good…

The “Coat Lapel”

its origin is not centered, you need to right click > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry


…it’s also rotated, so X axis is not what you might expect. It’s also scaled, so sculpt tools might not behave the way you expect. Best apply all transforms. And it’s also completely masked in sculpt mode, so you’ll need to clear the mask before you could sculpt on it.


Crtl +A on object mode > All transforms! :star_struck: It worked, thanks so much!

This add-on might interest you: Auto Apply Transform (Scale, Rotation, Position)

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