Why is no-one using p3d?

As far as I can tell in the WIP section, there is next to no-one using p3d. I would have thought given the fact you can rotate round the model, add wires to look at topology, and everything else people would have jumped on it. Am i missing something?

(I have inserted my aardvark model for those who don’t know what p3d is)


maybe to hi-poly, it´s used on blendswap. really nice addition before downloading model.

for me it is just not worth while…I mean really what is the practicality of it for most 3d studios?

I would have said it could be useful - rather than post 9 different screenshots, you could just have one p3d?

Also, it’s not compatible with all browsers. I’m running Opera and I just get a blank box.

Problem is you don’t get to screenshot the good parts and make people interested. Using the full 3D model causes people to have to work to see your project and the particulars you wish to show.

Making ‘static’ screenshots gives a common ground for people to talk about.

If you want heavy critique on your topology best thing would be to share the .blend file, if you cannot or do not want to share the file this service would be of use.
Typically though people would screenshot a problem area with the topology, then receive possibly several potential solutions - all with the same view.

It is however very good for displaying sharing models. Or might be nice to show wires in a finished project thread.

I’ll use Sketchfab sometimes, but it’s a bit extra work to make sure the textures are correct and things. What are the advantages p3d has over it?

Here is a sword I made for a texture paint demo a couple months back:

p3d have much better navigation.

Says I only have 100MB on P3d, and doesn’t seem to take blend files. Sketchfab has unlimited uploads afaik, and lets you upload blend files.

Edit: I agree the p3d viewer thing is nicer overall.

Would be better then to get something like this on a website: http://skyshopdemo.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

Though ultimately, viewers like p3d have limited usage. With game assets you know you want to get the right kind of lighting and you can get that with a SS. Skyshop comes into play when you want that rendered look.

Sorry - later comer here; I’ve been away from Blender since May and came looking to understand what happened to Sketchfab?

I’m happy either way (P3D or Sketchfab) so long as there at least is a means of showing models in space - just curious what / when / why Sketchfab fell off the list?

p3d also crashes the browser if you try to rotate in Firefox.

Yeah, just recovering from a Firefox crash now…

Strange!I have FF 25 and no prob/crash

works fine in chrome NOT at all in IE (didn’t try it in FF lol )

so I’d say its biggest problem is 1/4 or more people wont see it unless they change browsers
and while its ok for US to say that’s IE’s fault
a heck of a lot of people use it

@Gary Goodman & @Orinoco

What FF version are you using? At least 24 and 25 work well - we use that to test in the very least.


IE doesn’t support WebGL directly yet, perhaps the Chrome Frame solution works for you.


One reason is that it requires javascript to display. I use a script blocker on my browser so viewing a .p3d does not work for me.

That’s too bad, our service indeed is heavy on javascript. And since we use WebGL I don’t see really any way around that easily.