Why is normal map all blue and sometimes only the uv parts blue?


New to Blender and 3d computer art. I have been learning a lot, but for some reason normal maps have been completely whooping me.

My main question I have (and I have been watching tutorials left and right, and reading posts) that i have not seen explained is why my normal maps usually only have the uv mapped parts turn out blue and not the entire picture like in the maps I see everyone else doing. I was doing some more practicing before work this morning and my map came out all blue this time, but I’m not sure what I did. So I guess I’m asking what causes the difference.

Another question I have (which I think I just saw answered in another post) is how to display both normal and diffuse maps, but I think I need to uncheck diffuse from the normal texture.

Thanks for any help.


can you show some pics !
normal map is another way to code bumps on models!
and blue is not necessarely the only color there are other which have red and green colors also
depends alos how it was coded in local or world mode!

and are you in bl or cycles ?

happy bl

Hi RickyBlender,

I am sorry to be so unclear. The normal maps I have made only have the color in the areas where the uv maps are at. A basic cube I made.


Most of the normal maps I see have the entire square filled up. I made one this morning that came out that way on a practice cup.


I can’t see what I did different to make that one work when all the others I do don’t. All I am hoping for is a reason why the difference.

Also my maps don’t seem to do anything.


I have watched a few tutorials but came seem to make the connection. Any ideas were be greatly appreciated.


The blue colour represents no change to normals… other colours alter the normal direction but that blue colour is nothing.

on your maps that you have made, you a) have a alpha channel and b probably havent set the default colour to 0.5,0.5,1 … but that doesnt matter if youre uvs are not in that area.

Yeah, the UVs have to match the normal map placement in the UV/image editor. Also, your render will come out with that bluish purple color if you don’t uncheck color and check normal in the textures panel. Once you do this, it will just create the illusion of depth and keep the color whatever you set it at.

Thanks for the replies.

I did watch another tutorial again and was reminded to set display to GLSL and that made my normal maps make the shadows now.

I understand the theory of the alpha channel, not necessarily the implementation of it or how it is showing up in my normal map just by baking it. I went into the cube file I was working in earlier and the normal maps were baking fine with the full blue screen and I couldn’t get it too come out with the black area as before, so I got frustrated and deleted the file and started over and the normal maps started turning out as before with only the UV area blue.

I appreciate the answers but it looks like I will need to just muddle through this until something finally clicks in my head.
it to come out only blue in the UV area

another thing on your last map

an see some yellowish

check if all your normals are outward !

happy bl