why is prohibited to start "political" theadsin here ?

Really , is just aquiestion , its intriguing to me.

could there be any ind of problems with lw , oris it just a “personal” descicion ?

because they always have bad and sad endings …you’ll know why they close it once this one is closed .

Politics can be highly controversial, just like many other things. Controversial subjects = flaming. Plus, it’s a rule of the forum.

ya …once CD and Bigbad are in here …CD throws his flame and Bigbad spits on fire

Ha ha, yeah… battle of the dragon and troll.

As to politics: the rule, I believe, was made because politics (and also religion) are something that people often have strong feelings about… and get rather forceful/ugly about while discussing (arguing)… so things explode in spectacular fashion.

Quoted because I am so impressed with this post.

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lol …its mid night here but i will keep that for tommorow …thanx :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen a productive political thread on any forum site. Actually seeing a productive political conversation/argument in real life is pretty rare. It seems to be an extremely touchy topic that’s attached to many emotional strings.

too much politics will make you fat and bald …

Becuz the man be keepin us down.

ya down at the basement

Da basement of society yeah. They dont want us to see theyre presious lights, they be keepin us in teh dark.

where is flamables and fire ??? …i r teh bored and want to start fayar

Because a significant portion of BA can’t post in a political thread without resorting to strawmen, red herrings, and general misinformation- closely followed by personal attacks, thread derailing to something mildly related to the subject, and then dissolving into an argument about religion vs. atheism.

And conspiracies.

If you had just played along we might have actually ended this thread before it really kicked off. Now we’ll have to wait for CD and BB to arrive.

ya …this thread is closed any way …lets do IT before mods come .

But of people are never allowed to discuss these topics, they will never learn how to do it in a civilized manner.

I consider it to be so obvious, so simple, but it looks like I’m the minority.
This also applies to “real world”.If someone doesn’t know how to behave, just ignore THAT person, don’t punish everyone else.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing… i don’t know.

people have started countless times, the mods have ended them countless times. just wait for one and see how it ends…the mods wait for a few hours anyways

The fraud of life is hard to play, its all a fraud anyways, the fraud that I will someday lay.

The toilet will set you free my friend.

Person A: I don’t want Obama’s policies
Person B’s reply: You’re an idiot, and a blatent opposer of intelligent thinking
Person C’s reply: You’re the idiot, that means you support being taxed to oblivion
Person D’s reply: I agree with Person B, this is all Bush’s fault anyway and your stupdity only makes this country pull 10 steps back.
Person A 's 2nd reply: He made a sucker out of millions of voters, I can’t wait to be in front of a death panel

Stretch that into 10 pages.

That is why such threads aren’t allowed, in fact this example actually can play out at places like the CNN political ticker blog, you can now see why such threads aren’t allowed.

NOTE: The above example is not meant to represent actual thoughts of actual people