Why is rotating the view so difficult in linux?

Hello blenderheads,

I’ve been an blenderfanatic since a few years, and in those years I used the Windows version of Blender.
Now, my most premiere OS is Linux Mint 9 and I keep having trouble with the rotating of the viewport.

By that I mean that when I hold the middlemousebutton and drag it any direction I want, it only moves the view by a small amout.
Windows just follows my mouse, Linux seems to decide that for itself when to stop.

Now, complaining about it isn/'t going to help me, I rather have an solution.
I’m pretty sure it is a known problem, but can someone give me a workaround how to solve this?

Graphicscard is an ASUS ATi Radeon HD4850 512 MB.
That wouldn’t be a problem (and beside: I did not have any problem under Windows).



Works fine for me, looks like a Mint-specific problem.

Works well to me too…maybe an ATI driver problem?

Are you using a mouse that has tilt scroll? Most newer logitech and Microsoft mice do. Meaning in Windows you tilt the scroll wheel left or right to scroll left or right in addition to scrolling the wheel up and down? This caused problems rotating the view for me. I was able to fix it using Gimble’s method in this post: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=171179

Weird I run ubuntu 10.04 an I have no problems running blender. If you have another mouse laying around you might want to plug it in and give it a check.