why is sample not available in the defocus panel.

why is sample not available in the defocus panel. As ive seen that increasing th e samples on the defocus will give cleaner results


Where did you see this advice given? Was it perhaps a tutorial using Cycles?

I am not sure i think they are using the bleneder render engine . As the links below have details on this and example.
However i am not sure howto set preview aS this refferring to defocus panel. I am usure


Samples, only visible when ‘Preview’ is set. Sets the amount of samples to use to sample the image. The higher, the smoother the image, but also the longer the processing time. For preview, the default of 16 samples should be sufficient and is also the fastest.


as you can see ive attached two images. When i add defocus to final render the image is blurring but its grainy were its defocuse. How can i get rid of the grainy. That why i thought i could use the samples in the defocus . Or is there a different way to avod the graainy look


Ive attached the render before the defocus. As well to show how the defocus values i am using are making grainy image in the distance. I do want to add the defocus to give better sense of camera depth.


cheers ikari - I dont understand why they removed the samples. ican see from the post without samples the results are not good

I would guess that the samples feature was no longer compatible with the compositor overhaul for Tears of Steel…?