Why is so hard to make clothes

Why is so f#cking hard to make clothes in Blender? I have tried so many times to do it in so many different ways, but nothing gets better, even worse at each new attempt!

As a poor fashion design student is so disappointed finding so many “modeling cloth add-ons” and not having money to pay for any of them. I thought free and open-source software were to make life of people in poor conditions better, but what I see is how some people create add-ons just for sake of making money!

Would be so cool if more fashion designers embraced Blender as a tool, but even me, with experience with graphics software find it difficult to make clothes, probably this is just a dream.

Why does need making clothes in Blender so hard?

ps: I don’t have any experience with Maya, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max, so this question could be Why does need making clothes in ______ so hard?

Hi Marino, have you tried the sewing method in blender? If not, consider to follow these tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9GDWKzf1mc


Flopsgamer, I have begun from the tutorials of PIXXO 3D, but nothing worked. I tried to make the meshes more large, more small, just to adjust better to the model’s body, everything looks like rags.

When this didn’t work, I tried to model the mesh around the model’s body and apply subdivision, it’s a process very laborious, and IMO out of question for modeling boxers, pants and shorts.

Feels like all that remains is to dream for a day when I have money to pay for Marvelous Designer.

ps: I live in Brazil so in this moment paying in dollar is worth a kidney!

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I feel you, I know the frustration of cloths making, but trust me you have to practice, practice and practice !
And do some experiments by yourself! (I know it looks like a general statement, but trust me, it works!) :yum:

I have a fast method (lets call it the lazy method :laughing:) for cloth making. Try to duplicate the mesh, then select all the faces then Ctrl-i. It’s a fast method for making cloths.

For Example: https://youtu.be/Aq3t-p8amNE

Now you know why MarvelousDesigner is 1700$ , but wait Personl 39$/mo and wait again under Academic (300$) there is Student for 15$/mo fro 3 years… And by the way that’s life and watch your language.



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@ozgur1, thanks for your answer! I’ve been away for a few days and only now I see your reply. Thanks for trying to help! I’m gonna try the addon, have installed right now from here and don’t have time.

And after three days I have tried making clothes again (more specifically shorts, boxer briefs and pants) and today, after a rest, it looks like the cloth modifier itsn’t that bad.

this was made right now, using the cloth modifier

The only problem is the waist, it doesn’t fit.

Again, thanks and have a nice day!

Cloth Pinning
you have a nice day too