Why is Super Wu-Man so super?

I know Super wu-man and all his mouth, dubbed “Mouth of the Month,” in Time magazine. But, I’ve never actually seen him do anything super. Like, is there a video of him saving a person from falling off a table? Or saving someone from a boring movie?

What are talking about. He doesn’t have to DO super things. He IS a super thing.(no pun intended). Did you hear about how even your [hypothetical] sister has fallen in love with him? That’s pretty Super I would say.

Wu-Man almost saved a desk lamp from certain death but it turned out the lamp didn’t want to be saved. It was all caught on video.

Poor lamp. Did the lamp press charges?
hope not.
[reallyofftopic] I just cant be without saying that its my 15th birthday today! (the 22 of november).

compared to SUPER EDIJS he’s pretty awesome

hes super annoying, and on occasion super funny!
hence everybody loving him…except for one person…

I can’t even express how I feel having someone on the board who actually doubts his Superness:(

Now let us hope he can forgive us !

super wu man is so cool there’s no possible words to describe his degree of coolness ; a new language would have to be invented to create new words that would do justice to his state of total coolness-beyond-human-comprehension. :wink:

In fact the only one who could invent this new language would be SUPER WU-Man himself…:rolleyes:

and super wu man can’t invent it because hes too super humble.

No offense guys, but there are enough of these threads.