Why is the denoiser making the animation so bad?

Greetings fellow artists!
Recently, I’ve been making an interior scene. I am finally done rendering, and I started converting the image sequence into a mp4 video. However, because there was a lot of noise in the scene, I used a denoiser. This is the final animation.

Notice these weird stuff going on like it was drawn? This is because of the denoiser. What should I do to fix this?


Actually looks pretty cool :smiley: but if it’s not what you were going for I am afraid the only option might be to re-render with more samples and less denoising… Denoising is a shortcut, not a magic solution to not needing any render-time :confused:


What denoiser did you use, NLM, OptiX or OID ?

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Thanks for the comment!

This is my denoising setup.

You could try the built-in temporal denoiser (command line only for now), but from the looks of it, I think this needs more samples either way. There’s just not enough information in the raw image for the denoiser to get a stable result from it.


I have good results on animation either with OID (the one you choose now in Sampling -> Denoising of Render Properties panel) or NLM with this settings (see screenshot) but as Adam3141 wrote, you should have a minimum of samples.