Why is the light going through the walls?

Why is the light going through the walls? You can see in the red circles. 2.49
Thanks for any help! :eyebrowlift:

Sorry I forgot! :o


difficult to say !

can you upload the file
could be holes in your model or lamps around

we’ll have a look and see what may be wrong here


Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

which camera did you use to get this the left one ?

also you do ahve light inside the building wich goes through the windows
so that would be doing the reflection outside !

so if you don’t want it then jsut remove the light inside !

unless you want to do something else but you have to explain some more waht youwant to do here!



You’ve disabled RayShad in the lamp settings of one of your lights.

Without lights inside could be better. I use too many lights sometimes.:rolleyes:
Thanks for help!:cool:

Try this:

  • Select the light.
  • Reduce the ‘Dist’ parameter in the Lamp panel.
  • Turn on ‘No Specular’

or if i remembetr well you could add a transp window and then then ligth wont go through it from oridnay lamp

only spot light i think can go through objects tranps

but depends also what your goal is here