Why is the shadow and reflectivity not showing?

Does anyone know why the shadow and reflectivity is not working on the inside curve? I created a ring that is the same dims and material. placed the ring inside the model but this still has the same problem… the shadow disappears and reflectivity? When I move the ring out from the model it seems to be ok?


Which render engine and show shader setup.


I’m using the cycles engine. The shader is the ‘Aluminium Used’ that is included with BlenderKit.

Here is the shader

Just Moved the thicker rim part of the model away from the large barrel (it’s a BNC connector im trying to model) and the reflectivity is working, so i guess its something to do with the large barrel?


and this is the viewport view before rendering:

Your ring is overlapping to barrel surfaces. If surfaces overlapping, then you can meets problems like this. You can scale down your ring a bit.


Yes I have manged to fix it slightly. I slightly moved it away from the barrel and flipped a few normals and changed the lights and now it seems a lot better , thanks for your help.