why is the subsurface modifier deforming my mesh so bad?

I’m sure it has something to do with some of the vertexes and edges I deleted, but I don’t know how to fix it please help

I attach the .blend file

mexi good bone on.blend (748 KB)

I would clean up the rig first. Use Pole Target field in IK constraint for ankle ik bone and hand ik bone. That way you don’t need extra upper arm and upper leg IK constraint just to call out Pole target. Its easy to set Pole Angle there too.

As for character object Posing problem, your character model don’t have good joint definition. You really need minimum of three loop cuts where you want to bend object. For example at the knee, you only have two loop cut for joint definition. There should be a loop cut where knee bends, one additional loop cut just above and below the knee loop. Three. By doing so bone weight is assigned properly to upper and lower leg. Upper knee loop is assigned to upper leg bone. Lower knee loop is assigned to lower leg bone. And the middle knee loop weight is shared between two bones.

By the way, you do need to redo bone weighing. Weigh assignment is kind of all over the place.

thanks good advice