why is there no area for.../where do I post?

this is a place for questions like: “where do I post this or that?” and "why is there no place for [thing]?

I’ll start off: Why is there no general python area for python not related to Blender?

because a) this is a Blender sponsored site, and b) the general Python site is www.python.org with all of its posting ability. To have one here would be redundant at best.

answer to number one: Why not we have off topic? To number 2: what do you mean posting ability?

We have off-topic because even the best of us lapse into irrelevancy from time to time, and rather than clutter the “serious” forums with clowning around, the off topic forum provides a necessary relief valve.

Posting ability I assume means the ability to post, at the python.org forum, general questions about Python. There is a lot more to Python than just writing scripts for Blender, and the Blender specific python posts may have little interest to people who are using Python for other things. So the Blender site has a Python-as-it-relates-to-Blender subforum, but general Python questions should go to the python.org forum, where the question and answer can be useful to people outside of the Blender/Python community.