Why is there no backwards compatibility with previous OpenGL versions in Blender 2.8?

I just want to know who made this bone-headed decision. I can’t think of a single reason why they could not have provided backwards compatibility with ALL versions of OpenGL3, and even OpenGL2. SOME OF US are using old laptops, and have no way to get anything newer. Unless the devs are willing to buy everyone using old hardware some new laptops? That would also be a reasonable solution.

Curious to know what happened here.

A lot of extra work I guess, and you can still keep using 2.79, that is great and super stable!


OpenGL 3.3 was released in 2010, which is now a decade ago. Blender tries to roughly keep support for hardware up to a decade old. Especially with pro apps like Blender, a set of minimum requirements is expected.

Taking advantage of new technology while also being backwards compatible with old hardware requires lots of extra work.

Blender could even be a lot more aggressive, with a move to Vulkan and other newer subsystems.

If, for some reason, you decided you want to use a computer that is over a decade old, simply use the appropriate Blender version for your hardware.


The new viewport code required it and the Blender developers did give a lot of warning that 2.80 would break backward compatibility in a lot of places. 2.79 is still out there and is still a very capable piece of software that I think you could get three or four years of use out of it. The blender developers can’t satisfy very outlier and the folks who have hardware without OpenGL3 are really in the minority.