Why is this black or dark

Hi Guys!

Why is this black for me??? pls help me!

Is that a viewport render preview using EEVEE? Did you render in cycles?

Yes i made this picture from render preview, and i rendering in cycles… so i’m confused

Change to Render Preview instead of Material Preview. Add your own HDRI.

Edit: try roughness to 0 and lowering the density.

Okey, i pulling down the roughness, but nothing… if i take off the volume abs.
looks like this:

this is with volume abs.

and this is with only volume abs.

Something to do with the normals or geometry of your liquid?

Try adding a UV sphere and using the material.

The problem is a mixture between you model scale and your material settings. For a start if you are using volume absorption make you material color WHITE.

Look at this example I’ve made. The material:

Also, the index refraction of liquids is not the same as glass. Change the value to something around 1.33 the IOR of the water.

And one question, what kind of liquid are you trying to reproduce?