Why Is This Blender 2.8?


“Blender Inofficial” and “Blender Unstable” are my favorite names for an upcoming major release.

(Craig Jones) #62

Especially if we end up with BlenderDesktop, BlenderTablet, and BlenderWatch versions that need distinctions :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zinogg) #63

Blender Noob and Blender Pro :slight_smile: i think this was planned in the Blender 101 project or something like that.

(El Director) #64

I agree that 2.8 should really be Blender 4.0

Also, when are we getting Blender OS? :smiley:

(Grimm) #65

Blender should really move to Semantic Versioning, it’s another tool for the end user to determine how and/or if they want to upgrade. Especially when backwards compatibility is broken.

(san) #66

Nobody should be surprised by now, that Blender has reached a position where outlets such as 3D Artist Magazine + the “industry” at large + many non-CG/media communities (scientific, DIY, etc) will talk about the new version. Let’s say a random person stops up and sees ‘Blender 2.8 released!’ on the front page of a magazine, and that person and other people are intrigued enough to read about it. For these “new” users, the 2.8 number is now the point of reference for “latest release”. If that number is 10 or 10.13 or CC or 2014 or ‘Bottle Opener’, it does not matter. When Blender 2.81 is announced, and the user then wonders about that added digit, what happens? Well, if they think it is so unprofessional and/or confusing, it turns them off so much that they’d rather use something else - or at least bothers them every time they use the program - it seems pretty obvious to me that these “users” are not really interested or serious to begin with, and their opinion shouldn’t matter to anyone, least of all the Blender Foundation/Community and all the rest who just use the program for what it is.

Why even try justifying another versioning scheme using BS arguments and mass-market mindset? All the while criticizing Blender, projecting how immature and contrary it is - both as a project and as a “product” - getting some shots in there at foss-development in general aswell. Classy. Sounds like a lot of insecurity, shallowness and “more is better” primal thinking going on here to be honest.

As for future Blender releases, 3.0 will be approaching some Skynet-level shit! :wink:

(noki paike) #67

blender has no need to do “marketing” with versions like private software that have to do spectacularization to know how to sell.
So the current blender logic is perfect.
Anyone is in the community, because blender now is also a solid community knows its history and they realize well when the moments of revolution arrive …

So the versioning of blender is more a chrono-story than a scoreboard.