Why is this happening in one form or another to all my models!!

My models all get strange artifacts and tears occoring and I don’t know if its me or this is a issue in blender (2.72a).
Here is a screenshot of the latest mess occurs while im notmal mapping the guys arms.Does this happen to anyone else and what is the reason?

Try switching to camera view.

Hi tawdry!

I think I might know the reason. Could you please post an image of your model’s UVs?

Hi J_Ott I figured out the reson i was making small adjustmeants to my model after the initial uv outlay so any time i make changes need to redo the uv:(

I’m actually thinking that the way you unwrapped the model might be causing the problems. If the UVs on the image you attached are the actual UVs of your model, you’ll always have artifacts and strange texture glitches, especially when using normal maps.

Ideally, your UVs should look like this:

I marked the seams with red. As you can see, there is just one long seem running along the head and one under the chin. Both can be easily hidden with hair or are generally not very visible anyway.

The key to unwrapping organic models like faces and heads is to have as few seams as possible and have them at places the viewer doesn’t notice them right away. The way you (supposedly) unwrapped your model leaves seams all over the place, which is why you keep getting these texture errors if you make even slight modifications to the mesh.

Yea i just use smart uv unwraps its faster and i can’t get the hang of unwrapping my ideal unwrap would be to slice in half but haven,t managed to get it right yet. Maybe i could try unwrap the head alone i know how to do that and the body as a smart uv unwrap?

I just tried to replicate your result and it looks like you’ve been using the ‘Lightmap Pack’ UV option. For organic models, that’s literally the worst choice. (:
I’d suggest having a look at this video first before continuing with texture painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ha2rFR6qO0
For nice UVs on organic models, you absolutely need to know about seams.

Also, normally you’d have a seam separating the head and body if you need a higher texture resolution on the head (it often makes sense). I would still recommend that you watch the video first and then do a proper unwrap by marking seams and then using the regular ‘Unwrap’ option from the unwrap menu. ‘Smart UV Project’ is more suited for non-organic and rectangular objects like crates, barrels, and so on.

Good guess i did use lightmap to start switched to smart unwrap after but it still had issues. Just unwrapped the head and smart unwrapped the rest but that didn’t go so well so guess i will give unwrapping the body manually a go.