Why is this mesh not right?

3-2.83-oct30-2020ForGoodQuestiononMesh.blend (647.0 KB)

I made this with a Bezier curve and converted to a mesh. The mesh will take a face but it wont extrude and bevel and I have no idea what the problem might be.

Hi, the question is what are you trying to model? is this a metal hook? there are possibly better ways of modelling this.

As digitvisions says you could model it another way, but if you want to start from your current mesh, first thing merge by distance because it looks like you have a lot of overlapping vertices, then join some vertices in order to help Blender when you’ll bevel:

then extrude up, keep only the border edges selected:


bevel with Ctrl B:


give some corrections:


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Some tips:

  1. in curve settings, decrease the resolution (later increase by subdivision modifier).
  2. See the Face orientation of the faces.
  3. bevel operation doesn’t work with very closed edges because the bevel amount you are trying to achieve is bigger than the minimum distance between two vertices, so you have to either clean them or use 1st tip. it is not the case of blender but any 3d software.
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If you use curves, don’t extrude the silhouette.

Curves can extrude themselves. As they don’t have to be 2D like vector illustrations are tradtionally.

Have a look at these settings, regarding your vector path, reduced to a curved line:

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In another post we used a make manifold command but I never figured out why. All the Normal’s are pointing in the same direction I did recalculate them.

So what your saying here this answers my question. I thought maybe I had flipped my vertices and twisted the bezier curve possibly. But I am pretty sure that recalculating the normal’s solved that. When this migraine subsides I will study all the replies Thank you!