Why is this PNG so much bigger then the other?

Mediafire link to the files in question:

This may seem like a really lame question considering the file size of these two PNGs, but i do have my reasons for wanting as small a file size as possible. It would be great if i could figure out how to get them both (and many other like these) to be around 30kb. As it stands, one image is 193kb, and the other is only 33kb.
The images are almost exactly identical. It could just be my error. Maybe when i try to erase the background to alpha to make the image transparent in gimp i keep missing a pixel which drastically effects compression? File size differences in nearly identical images has popped up i few times now and I can’t think of anything that would make one of these files 6 times larger than the other.

Can any one help?

I played with the save as options and when I save the Boy_Eyes.png file in Gimp and uncheck “Save color values from transparent pixels” the filesize reduces to 31.4 kB. It seems that your Boy file had much more of information in the transparent areas than your Man file, because the latter’s filesize doesn’t change either way.

I would uncheck any option you don’t need in the save as dialog. In fact I have turned all of them off usually and set compression to max for PNGs.

I don’t know exactly how those color values got there in this case, but if you don’t want to store any additional info in these pixels except the full alpha value, you don’t need those color values.

So, I think that’s the answer, hopefully. :slight_smile:

No idea, file got smaller by re-saving in Photoshop though without any changes.

Sanne -

Unchecking “Save color values from transparent pixels” worked like a charm.

Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome, gun4hire, glad it helped. :slight_smile: