Why is this shadow here?

Here’s the WIP thread:


And here is the image I’m talking about.


The problem is, you see the far hill above the lamp, and next to the forest?

There is a shadow there. I don’t want that there, and I don’t know why it’s there to begin with.

My lamp’s (scene rendered in Yafray) distance is only ten. And the light intensity is only .25. And the hill is about 50x by 70y BU away.


The lamp distance is not how far the lamp illuminates, but is how far it is before the effect of the lamp is cut in half. If you are working in something like OpenEXR, then in theory the lamp will go on forever, with a 24bit image type there will get to a point where it ceases to make any difference. I can’t be absolutely sure of this, but the shadow is probably comming from the the lamp on the lampstand. as you can see, on the third row of hills there is a very slight shadow that is also comming from that same lamp. I woulden’t worry about it though, it doesn’t make it look bad or anything.