Why is this site always going down?

It’s incredibly irritating.

Maybe it can’t handle the same question be asked over and over again.

lol .

We’ve been having some server problems, some hardware-based and some due to a botnet of some sort that’s DDoSing us for some reason. Our administrator does his best to keep on top of it, but he’s just one guy and he’s got other responsibilities too.

Both unlikely and not particularly witty :slight_smile:


OK well so that seems reason enough. Hope the issues with the DDOsing is resolved soon.

Hey… don’t complain… volunteer.

I’m sure they’ll be glad to have more capable people helping them to shoulder the very considerable burden of maintaining a popular web-site. (Money contributions too, I am sure.)

It’s un-glamorous work, and a lot of it.

I’m so sick to ******* death of the whole ‘well you do better then!!’ argument that is repeated again and again on here, seriously.

Volunteering wouldn’t improve anything… we only have one administrator and unless you want to go live with him I doubt you’d be able to help.

Fortunately the disruptions were minimal, and the hours gained by not going to site [the blenderartists.org site was down]will not affect the quota, if I work overtime.

ah, those big guys in the industry never tire… :lol: