Why Is This Site So Dead? Where Are All the Noobs

I just wish there was more activity on this site. It was a lot busier a few years ago. I enjoy helping others or seeing how they do things. Most of what I see posted are just finished works and ads for add-ons and stuff. Where are all the people that are willing to share what they’re working on or needing help with?

I would post more but I feel like such a noob because my skill level is still (STILL!!) not very good, due to the fact that I need INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION and GOOD LESSONS that comes from seeing the work of others that are at a comparable level to me.

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I’m not sure where you got that impression, but we’ve been growing 100% in activity every year since we relaunched :man_shrugging:


Being an artist you are always your harshest critic - that’s probably why you’re feeling like your work is not good enough. I feel that too and I’m always thinking 10 times before I push a button and post something and I feel like my skills are awful. I’d advise you to just post something, wihout looking or stressing constantly about what others may think or do.

Oh and one more think. I know it’s not easy but try to switch your mindset and take inspiration from good work instead of looking and something that is not that good and telling yourself ‘yeah, I’m better’. It will be better in the long run!

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It was just more funny, not busier.
Blender has grown as a software in usability and capabilities, so work quality has improved even at low/mid range users’ skills.
Fun fact is there are still the same “professors” who live on reputation made with blender 1.49 but their work would be rejected by every qc manager I know in favour of some newbie with 6 months experience.

Maybe all the noobs have the same reason as you not to post here

If you think this site is dead, go over to the NewTek forums. Maybe 20 posts a day and a good portion of those are for things other than Lightwave.

It could be that you’re feeling a slight stagnation after the peak of the pandemic, we did have a surge of new users as people started spending more time at home.

But we still have a very healthy growth year over year.



Maybe partially because of sites like Artstation and Reddit people just post there.

But tbh, like people say, I see plenty of posts as I have JUST joined and it seemed to be thriving. Works in progress, finished works, this community seems to be nice and healthy.

Hell, the fact you got a bunch of replies on this is also an indicator of that.

Every art program needs a site for their artists I think and I’m glad this one DOES seem to be thriving! I love 3D art in general, but it’s nice seeing Blender art all in one place without much effort :smiley:


You could be right.

What do you think that reason is?

It actually amazes me that I got so many responses to this, and not one to many of the numerous posts I made asking for help with Blender. They weren’t tough questions either.

Like I’ve seen, there are very few posts that can help a noob. Noobs are ignored. They were already getting little help when I first came here, but it was much better than now.

Just pointing this out.

I’ll go check it out for you. I guess that would make it seem dead sure.

But I did go check and yours seem to heavy focus on game related issues and maybe less people on this forum are focused on that idk.

Also if you don’t post at the right time, it’s not peak hours, so it kinda just loses traction.

Anything you need answering now?

As one of those noons I would say, maybe we are just working on project that are going shockingly well without technical problems. I mean I am running this state too

From my prospective, people tend to help at what they know they are good at. I know I do it, I check only the modeling category.
A factor is also the following number. I think if I follow a person, i’ll get a notification if he posted something.


Really? I suspect you’re slightly bias there, as i find that beginners often get more help than intermediate users. Personally i love helping beginners, often taking it far beyond what they asked for too.

I have seen the community as a whole mature quite a bit, so i can understand that it may be a bit intimidating for beginners to get into it. This is where i think more experienced users have a responsibility to welcome new users with open arms.


Something that daunts newbies and pros alike is that it seems that people pump out artwork on this site, artstation, etc etc.

Thing is, many forget that it’s a feed, like twitter, of many artists. If you click on one of the one’s that you think is OMG THIS IS AMAZING, if one was to look at their portfolio, their artworks are far between, because quality takes ANYONE time.

Once I realized that, sites like this and artstation daunted me so much less.

I always have questions. I just never get answers so I don’t bother posting much any more.

I post in modeling forum as well. I just started looking at games so you could only have looked at the last few I posted. Like I said…

What are peek hours? I see more activity at night, here on the west coast. But that really shouldn’t matter. I go through all the new posts looking for anyone I can help or learn from, and there are so few compared to a few years ago that I wonder if it’s because the noobs get ignored as well and nobody wants to help them. That’s what I see.

I really don’t care at this point. Just pointing it out that the site is not as good as it used to be for those who are trying to start out. If you ignore the noobs, Blender dies.

Peak hours should not affect your response rate at all.

Can you link to some of these threads of yours that get ignored? I suspect there is a reason you keep getting ignored, if its something you’ve encountered on several occasions.

I really hope you eventually drop this mindset of yours. There are more activity now than ever before, especially after 2.8 released.
You will see that the average skill level has increased over the years, which is true for any community. So perhaps beginners are more difficult to find, but there are plenty of those as well.

And i can certainly guarantee you that we’re not ignoring beginners. People who take hours out of their own spare time to help other strangers from across the world with nothing to gain from it, are the type of people who get gratification from helping people. And i strongly suspect that helping beginners is even more fun than helping intermediate users, namely because beginners get so much more value out of the help that you provide them.

I might be speaking for myself, but i dont think my peers are too different from me.

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Actually, I disagree because I also don’t get answers to posts. Ever since 2.8 the posts are overwhelmingly professionals with topics way above my head. I don’t expect answers anymore but sometimes the news is useful. It isn’t just this site though. Understandably the BF has changed their focus is to the big studios, the professionals, and the development fund—has anyone seen the tutorials on the Blender Cloud lately? I don’t think anyone has added new content or updated the old ones in years. No, the Blender world culture just doesn’t have the “We care about the new kids” atmosphere anymore.

Now, it’s all about time, $, and whether you own a PC or not. Perhaps a separate site restricted to beginners and intermediates would help.

I’ve been with Blender since 2.4 and growth has been all good, except for the interfacing including everyone, it’s heading toward elitism. Sad.

My year and a half of learning Blender makes me a relative noob. And on top of that I’m really sociophobic and dared to post a question exactly one time. Still I’ve never once felt lost: there’s SO much blender content that almost every noob question can be solved with top answers in google search.

That said, this place is really… confusing. And judging by the amount of users posting questions in the wrong categories, I’d say I’m not the only who feels that way.
Maybe it’s the increasing size of the community that makes people overlook some noobs. It might be a population density problem: a big city where everyone is lonely versus a tiny village where everyone knows everyone. It might be more of a design related problem than culture.
Completely separating “noobs” from “pros” seems unhealthy. But maybe rethinking front page layout or something…? More definite guidelines on forum etiquette? More encouragement to help others?
Or maybe not and everything is fine =)

Someone looking for a Noob?! Here!