Why is this so, founder of national 'No cussing club' gets death threats

More stories here like the one where the website gets hacked

Seriously, why do millions of teens have such a love affair with bad language they badger and give death threats and obcene magazines to someone who just wanted to form a club of teens who wanted to promote clean language?

Explain away all you want, but the non-cussers don’t do such things to those who do it all the time. It seems obvious that there’s something wrong with this picture.

okay… so it’s boorish teens being boorish(sp?)… what’s so shocking about that?


Silly kid.

Changing the world for the better is the job of massive commercial corporations.

Shoulda had a V8.

Because he seemed stupid for them. Maybe they were “just kidding”; trying to scare him to put off the site.

Interesting reaction for a simple and world benefial system that some folks have intended to be against. Well can’t complain, if it can be done, so some shall intend on doing it to prove it so instead of doing something more creative like blender. Shouldn’t get side tracked though.

To me saying dang or shoot or anything else like that is the same as saying the actual word. Everyone else knows what you mean and so do you. What is the point of even using them then? We have words designated as cuss words for a reason, and they are good at certain times and places but not all the time excessively.

So, therefore, I think his no cussing thing is idiotic.
But that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the club is a good idea, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to send him porn links, or send threats at all. Whatever happened to live and let live?

What exactly is a cuss? Is it just the big five, or does it also, in an extreme move consider ‘crap’ a swear (don’t think I haven’t seen parents who think this is so). Also, how goes things with private parts? Does the word penis count as a swear now, or does it depend upon the usage? What if you are quoting somebody else who said such things? Do you have to clean up their quotes (but then it wouldn’t exactly be a QUOTE anymore now would it?).

Say you’re a member of this little club… what do you discuss at meetings? “It’s been brought to my attention that the super swear has emerged from dormancy again” “You don’t mean-” “YES, that’s right chuck… the big 12 letter…” shocked gasps are heard around the room.

If you are a member, and say you just slammed your hand in the car door and you let one slip out. Does that equate to a meeting with Mr. Guillotine… or is it a flogging… or a hand slap… or is it simply a severe frowning, the same kind the UN likes to employ.

Or is it a fine? Say… $5 per word. “Oh mother f***er!” “alright scott, that’ll be ten bucks… oh hey you don’t have to pay it now…” “oh no, I was just checking to see if I had enough for 2 more words…”

I get what you are trying to say, but “millions of teens” is a bit of an overstatement. If millions of teens were making threats like that, the threats would have been realized. Most likely, there are a few dozen people max who were badgering him. It doesn’t make his situation less troubling, but you are fairly unjustified in your claim.

I would also like to point out that “cuss” words have very valid meanings and appropriate uses. I like to use as many words as I can to express myself. Limiting my language limits my ability to communicate with others. I have a feeling that if people start following his lead, words like dang, darn, or shoot would then become “cuss” words.

The feelings are still going to be there; you are just limiting the abilities to express them. Am I slightly upset or really angry? I currently have very efficient ways of expressing both, but would be impaired if I changed my vocabulary.

The idea sounds a bit like Newspeak to me…

+1 I laughed.

Why would he post his phone number on the interwebs to begin with? Don’t think this kid is the sharpest tool in the shed.

I had a domain name that a band wanted and the only way they could track me down is to get my registrar to send me an email complaining that the only contact information was a fax number in Afghanistan and maybe I should think about updating it. Well, I did have the correct address on the whosis because they would send me letters that I ignored once in a while.

Now that I think about it it took about as long to get my ‘box of stuff’ in exchange for the domain name as it took them to actually get in contact with me.

Anyway, if I were using it for anything other than a cool email address I would definitely not have the lookup address point directly to me. Well…unless there was free porn like in this kid’s case then I’d have to weigh the risks against the benefits.

I’m actually a little fuzzy on why they would send porn to a anti-profanity kid in the first place. Unless of course by ‘porn’ they mean all the porn spam he’s getting because I’m sure his email address in on every spam list there is which would make sense considering the ‘automated’ 20,000 emails a day.

Like I was saying, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I’m shocked - SHOCKED - that a bunch of kids would do something stupid and immature. None of my previous experiences with teenagers would have ever prepared me for this. I’m also quite astonished at the fact that these threatening kids apparently don’t understand their right to free speech. It’s as though they’re just naive or something… highly irregular behavior for kids.

Actually, in all seriousness, I wonder if the irony of the ‘free speech’ thing ever dawned on them. They claimed to be sending the threats because this kid’s club “threatened their free speech”, when it can do no such thing, and then turned around and sent him death threats, which is one of the few types of unprotected speech that exists. If they find any of them I hope they charge them with assault and sentence them to read the bill of rights.

First a spanking and then the oral sex…

Yeah, double post by who could pass up a chance to use a Monty Python quote?

What squiggly_P said.

Nobody should be surprised when an immature idiot acts like an immature idiot.

I see that none know the law in here…

If someone threats your life in an EMAIL and does this often it is a crime and it is wrote in any constitution on earth.

That`s why FBI it is on for searching good proof and to get the offenders in a court.

Even if they are kid`s if they are more than 14 year, they will get a little jail time.

Internet it is governed by laws , and all penal laws are applicable over internet.

:rolleyes: So think twice before you write something :stuck_out_tongue:

20.000 porn mail… :))) thats o good one to laugh out loud ... thats real spam bot with sex attitude…but the rest are violations of the law