Why is UV map off?

I’ve been trying to UV unwrap part of my sword, however, when I unwrap it comes out odd. I made a curve, converted it to mesh, then extruded it to the shape I wanted. The geometry seems to be clean, so why is the UV map off? I’ve redone the curve -> convert -> extrude-> UV Map process several times and I’m getting funky results.

OneWingedKeyblade.blend (1.04 MB)

N-gons (more than 4-sided polygons) are just for a starters - you have to have quad or triangle mesh to texture and make 3d shapes.
Your curve has too many vertices to be of any use; tracing background image in Blender by extruding vertices or edges is faster on most occasions compared to curve import and ‘cleaning’.
Traced shape is easy to unwrap - Project from View and position/scale adjustments is all what’s needed after.
Example file.