Why isn't automatic Matchmoving implemented in Blender yet?

Software like Boujou and Syntheyes seem to have been around for a very long time.

Blender has been around for a very long time too.

So my question is: Why doesn’t Blender have something that can do automatic Tracking the way Boujou and Syntheyes and other Matchmoving software are doing it?

Blender’s “Detect Features” button only detects 5 or so tracks, and it isn’t very good at it.

True, Blender has been around for a while, but not Camera Tracking in Blender. Other software probably had to work on it for a while in order for it to be fully automatic. Auto-tracking would be nice, but I think for manual tracking is great, plus you get more control.

blenders tracking system has NOT been around for a very long time … so you really can’t compare it with syntheyes and boujou.

It’s no big deal picking tracking points manually so hardly a priority

Yes it is. They always seem to suddenly jump from their supposed position. Having to refine and re-adjust 100 or so points is a real pain.

Is to avoid the computer having consciousness and taking over the world basically.

:yes::stuck_out_tongue: Brilliant!

I don’t understand the purpose of such questions. What kind of answer do you expect? That some anti-matchmoving conspiracy is preventing it from being added to Blender?
Isn’t this more a thinly veiled feature-request? As with everything else: It will get added to Blender if somebody is interested in implementing it.
Of course we can have a long discussion on who considers it important/unimportant for whatever reason, but it won’t change that fact one bit.

You don’t need to use 100 or so points. You will benefilt by learning how to efficiently use the tracker to choose and refine appropriate points. If you have problems with tracking why do you think an auto point selection option will improve on this.

Whether such a auto feature is all down to the resource/benefit equation. The tracking features were heavily driven by the needs of Project Mango, presumably a good auto tracking feature was not deemed neccessary.

As there are already camera trackers that meet your needs you should use what is most appropriate to your own needs.