Why isnt Blender rendering this effect properly?

Im using eevee to create a ‘hologram’ like effect… it looks fine in my viewport and even when I do a quick render…the render result looks fine…

But when I save the image to my HDD… it looks completely different. All the glow is gone and Im left with this (i put the black background in it so you can see it…)

So it looks like it doesnt render the glow or something

Am I missing something in my settings? Im using Blender 3.3, Eevee…and im saving as PNG 16 bit with RGBA channel…


Glow might be an effect that is dependent on pixel resolution.
Bigger resolution of the rendering might give an decreased effect in comparison to the viewport.

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It’s a limitation of the PNG format- this will only work with EXR. There’s a bunch of threads about it on the site if you do a quick search