Why isn't motion tracking as good and fast as snapchat?

Is motion tracking in blender ever going to get enhanced to work as well as snapchat on my mobile? It can track and render rotations …i believe in real time. (like bunny ears and glasses)

I can’t get blender to track a ball for instance because I need it to track the entire ball (to retain the center) and since the back ground around the edge of the ball is changing, it loses track. if i pick a center point on the ball, then the track moves all around because hilites on the ball keep changing.

Does anyone have great motion tracking advice who had success in this instance?

Thank you

Snapchat uses an algorithm specifically designed for face recognition, A ball has much less information to track than a face.

While snapchat is better in this specific example, it is completely incapable of tracking anything other than a face, whereas blender’s tracker might not be great for simple face tracking, but it is powerful enough to track a much wider variety of scenes.

It’s an apples to oranges comparison.

the app is specefic for MOTION FACIAL TRACKING, and you’re trying to do an OBJECT TRACKING with the sphere.

here’s a tutorial for blender tracking, didn’t watch it but it seem to explain what you want to achieve

Thank you, I have seen the tutorial before and he struggles with the same problem I’ve experienced.

If you use the rear camera, snapchat can also integrate objects into the environment. In real time. That’s pretty impressive and something that could be useful for previz. Although I’m guessing the GPS and accelerometers play a part