Why isn't my weight painting blur tool working?

I am trying to blur my weight painting using the blur tool but to no avail…

Any idea what I’m missing?

Here is my .blend file: http://sundriftproductions.com/blenderartists/cannot_use_blur_brush.blend

I thought, well let’s have a look at the brush settings, but none in th video, okay… file,. Sorry i can. It’s very subtile because of … your brush settings. Try a harder brush (in sence of weigth to see some red), you also have a cutsom falloff, try constant to do some hard stroke. Then choose blur again and you see …blurring. Backe to you trials inthe video… it’s just already very blurred, so what do you expect ?

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Yep – you are correct, @Okidoki. I haven’t used the blur tool much (if at all) so I was expecting that it would sort of smudge the values I had around the edges…but it doesn’t work like that. When I use a brush with a stronger weight (so that I see some red) and then run the blur tool over top of that, it’s much more obvious what the blur tool is doing.

Thanks for clarifying!