Why isn't the forum gallery updated?

Why isn’t the forum gallery updated? It’s a shame cause lot’s of good work gets lost in the finished projects section. Should one press the report button just to let the moderators take notice?

I have been wondering the same thing, it seems to have become the domain of spammers (unless I am mistaken) most threads have post from what look like spam bots. Not a lot of good art has gone in for a long time now.

I’m amazed that it’s the busiest part of the artwork forums (judging by number of people viewing) and seems to be the same stuff from years ago… “finished projects” is packed full of better stuff these days…

I guess most of those looking are “guests”

don’t forget also the tutorial section !

has not been updated in years too!

so may be there should be som new stuff added to replace done in 2,5
or at least a new section added for 2.5

and may be ther should be a few new forum like one forum for the Particules and may be another one for fluid sim includind a good tut section for theses
theses are becoming big enough to have their own section i think!

happy 2.5

My theory…

The mods are too busy hunting down the spammers and keeping the peace in the “Blender 2.5 Development Updates” thread to find the gallery quality art.

hahaha! is the 2.5 Development Updates thread really that volatile? :wink:

anyway, i’ve always wondered why there isn’t a section for announcing new videos, tutorials and things, 'cause when i posted a thread or two about that in News and Discussion, they were shifted to the Off-Topic section, and they weren’t off-topic, they were very Blender related…same thing with my old Flickr Photostream thread (anyone remember that? :wink: haha, it has long since disappeared into the many pages of Off-Topic)

@UE - that seems in line with what I concluded.

if the mods are busy keeping the forum clean, maybe it’s time to find another mod who moves threads to the gallery!

Usually it was BgDM that moves threads to the gallery, I have noticed he still posts on CGTalk from time to time, but I have not seen him here for quite a while now.

If the only needs is a mod to moderate the artwork forums and move threads to the gallery, there are some very good artists who get a lot of praise for the quality of their work who could fit the bill.

Anyone that gets picked would have to understand that CG art can encompass a wide range of styles like traditional art though.

I nominate Jeepster to be a mod to move good stuff to the gallery since he is caring, smart and hardworking.

I agree, I think BgDM was the most active in moving work to the gallery, and I don’t think anyone has taken over the role.

Here is a bit of nostalgia:-


Moved to the gallery.


Bump. I really miss gallery add-ons. It added a well deserved reward for great pieces and sometimes was a heads up for works I had missed. Now there’s a big number of gallery-deserving works out there…