Why isn't there a 'save as .DDS files format' for textures in Blender??

I use Blender for handpainting my textures and I wanted to ask if there is a way I can save textures in .dds file format. I can’t understand why this isn’t added to Blender after all this years.
This is a file format used by some game engines. Or is there already a addon that does this with the latest Blender release?

Looks like it is a Microsoft format with proprietary compression algo according to this

So, you take your time and handpaint your textures and you want to directly save them to a brutally compressed format? Save them to some format with lossless compression and use the Photoshop/Gimp plugin to convert them to DDS. It’s better to have a texture with lossless compression (e.g. PNG, TGA) for later changes.

DDS is just a container for like 7 different formats, the details of which you’ll want to be very conscious of when you’re shipping your product. This is best done in a batch process, from pristine, lossless, high-resolution sources, at the very end of the development process - at least if you want to keep your textures looking good and your download size reasonable.