Why isn't there an official index of open source software?

Why isn’t there an official index/list of opensource software? (That I know of, at least:D, and I have looked.) Of course there are lists out there, but they’re all missing something or other. I just can’t believe that with all the programs being developped out there, there’s no official list. Does anybody know of one? Or something close?

Hmm, this sounds like an evil scheme from the Director of Human Resources!

Did someone call the Director of Human resources?:stuck_out_tongue:
I suppose 135,618 Open Source Projects here:
Is not enough in one place? :eek:
Good luck with first listing all of them and then listing all the others around the web.:smiley:

yeah, most smaller projects and noncommercial projects use sourceforge. others, like mysql, php, blender, the linux kernel, kde, gnome, don’t.

How about an official index of GOOD ones with recommendations and reviews. Sourceforge is pretty generalized and half the projects are dead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Google is your friend.

http://osswin.sourceforge.net/ <-- awesome

I’ve always liked going to Freshmeat to find out and read up on open source software. It’s in no way definitive, but it has been around for a long time and it is extensive.

Well there are to many Open Source Software to ever use them all and some aren’t that great. Quite some time ago I created a page/rss feed with Open Source and Proven Freewared software. Just some of the things I myself use.

I agree, a lot are dead, and a lot are repeats of others or not particularly useful. So what about a list of projects with continuing development, and that are the best opensource programs of their kind. I.e, if there were 11 sound editors, the top 2 or 3 would be on the list.

Edit to your heart’s content!

Allright… I admit that that one is pretty good. But again, how many of those projects are dead? And as I said before, should there not be something “official”? Something that not just anybody can edit? Something updated frequently? Now I’m not saying this is an easy thing to create or possible at all, but in theory, doesn’t it make sense to have one?

OK, I’ll hope this wasn’t just a trolling session, so I’ll comment…

How can anything be “Official” when the open source community by its very nature is highly decentralized, and has no one single sponsor? (a very good feature in my opinion.)

The best you’re going to get is whats already been suggested. The most popular sites such as sourceforge, or wikipedia where other community members can update the projects, or post notifications on what is vailable, dead, brand new, growing, etc. is going to be the places to go.

For example, searching through sourceforge you get project acitivty statistics including activity, rank, how long ago it was registered, and the latest file uploads, and a download link. this is all right there on the search results page.

From there, I’d suggest going to your favorite search engine and plug in the top few (top judged by whatever criteria you’d deem valuable), and look for arcticles and or discussion threads about that particular app.

isnt that what source forge made for? lol

No, it’s not.

Quoted for truth.


DracoFodder: You have a good and entirely true point. I’m just saying that I think there would be a lot more awareness of open source programs if they weren’t scattered around in different places.:rolleyes: