Why isn't transparency working in my mix node material?

Hey there I’m trying to do a test with a glass material mixed in with a diffuse material (see file here http://www.twistedpancreas.com/3d/alpha.blend ) and it seems to ignore the transparency.

Can anyone help me out?

I’m hoping to use this on a test tube with a logo on the glass.

  • (This has come from my LuxRender post which I abandoned, since I’ll need to animate this and I’d rather use the Blender Render when animating)

Hmm I tried someone else’s glass material ( http://matrep.parastudios.de/index.php?action=view&material=733-bottle-glass ) in the node material and applied it to the test tube, a plane, a sphere and a sphere with a cut hole in it and then applied with a Solidify modifier.

And here is the result…


the spheres are kind of what i’m after but the test tube still doesn’t have much alpha, is this because the inside edges of the tube are close to the outside edges? Thus when looking through them they all block out the alpha? Or is it because the spheres have curved surfaces where the plane and tube are more planar?

Here’s my file btw if you want to check what I’ve done. http://www.twistedpancreas.com/3d/tube_012.blend

Thanks in advance.

Link does not work…

oops sorry fixed now

actually got it sorted over here

thanks for you’re help