why isn't yafaray integrated anymore?

Ok so i have blender 2.49a and in the previous version i had there was a menu thingy below the large RENDER button in which you could switch between blender internal and yafaray. but in blender 2.49a there is no menu item at all… and i’m trying to get yafaray to work for quite a long time, i installed python 2.6.2 and blender says compiled with 2.6.2 but still there’s no yafaray button…

Yafaray will show up under the Render menu setting at the top of the blender screen not in the render panel.


that’s just stupid, in previous versions you could enable yafray and then place photon lamps and such… and when i press that button it says python script error: check console and the console says module use of python25.dll conflicts with this version of python…

Some useful infomation.


Maybe you should consider which is the most stupid, the program itself or you for not following installation instructions properly.


Yafray != Yafaray

richard, you’re probably right, but those open source stuff is sometimes veeery frustrating… anyway, let’s see if i can get it to work now…

IT WORKS!!! it seems i had the wrong python dll (python25.dll instead of python26.dll) and i just copied the contents of the python26 folder into the python25 folder and now it WORKS!!!