Why Linux over Windows 3D Adv.

See how obnoxious Windows has become…your freedom and money are in danger!



BLENDER BOY! :slight_smile:

Haha! CooL image. rename it to “WinDOZE”. :slight_smile:

Linux FTW!

Yeah…Linux NEVER has any issues. I just booted up my lappy with Ubuntu 8.04 and udpated it. It updated the kernel. Rebooted, now video is at 640x480 and my Wifi doesn’t work.

Cannot remember all the steps by heart that were needed to get them going in the first place so now I have to go an plug in to my router (in a basement closet) and search on how to get things going again. Yes…I know that I can just boot with the older kernel and that my Madwifi drivers just need to be compiled against the new kernel etc…etc.

I’ve worked on Linux and Windows for years. I have rarely been hosed by Windows to the degree that I have with a number of Linux updates borking my installation by updating XConf or messing with my boot menu entries or messing up my wifi.

Sorry to say, my Windows boxes pretty much just work all of the time.

Decent animation though.