Why Lock SideXffects Thread?

(ZoltarX) #1

Hi there moderators,

why was SideXffects thread about his new site locked?

After all we have put up with page after page of pointless and embarrassing flamewars after Ton’s latest update.

What’s wrong with taking a humorous look at ourselves through the eyes of X10/SideXffects?

Please enlighten me.


(rogerm3d) #2

i would assume because the moderator is tired of putting up with SidCffects. And its sorta just promoting his product/stuff anyway.

(sten) #3

well, to promote such stuff here isn’t very clever…

and to tell us that he have any product up his sleeve
not even showing us a hint of it or even screenshot
makes it even worse…and when he tells us that he can do
this when he can’t even USE BLENDER , as I remember from
the old Blenderboards he was calling himself Skyracer (I belive)…
and he asked everyone about everything but was never satisfied…
and continued asking as if no one had answered (even if they did)
…in the end it seemed that he wanted other ppl make his 3D stuff
for him…what kind of idiot is that ?

and now you wondered why his posts get locked ? get real !!

he showed us earlier a cut and paste PhotoShop work between
Blender and Cinema 4D XL, and that can everyone do…
but if he do any back-engineering…it would be a violation
against copyrights and such…

well…if I could…I would lock that person from these boards :x
at all…but that is hard…ppl can change shapes as a chameleon :frowning:

well, that is my statement !!

ps. Kib_Tph, if you want to lock this thread, go ahead…you’re welcome :wink:

(Timothy) #4

ztonzy just about summed it up.

I had warned SideXffects several times (also when he had this different nicknames) before, yet he continued to post these posts.
I’ve decided SideXffects gives more trouble than he contributes anything thus I’ve banned him from this forum.


(haunt_house) #5

What stuff? I´ve never seen anything from him. And his website (offering solutions for small business!) is gone.

But if he really wants to publically humiliate himself, I cannot stop him.

Farewell X10, open your mind and learn.


(ZoltarX) #6

Fair enough - I’m convinced. This sort of behaviour can be very disruptive. Particularly when not everyone thinks he’s funny. As moderators, you need to ensure the life of the board is not killed by trolls. I think that’s important.

I do join with the people in the thread "Stop!!!!..." who were unhappy about the ongoing flamewars after Tons last message. (And in other threads)

This equally disruptive behaviour appears most prevalent among a few very regular posters who perhaps could also be asked quietly to control their behaviour around here too.