why lock things due to ressurection?

I saw a thread that was locked due to ressurection on the forum.
why? does it matter? so what if no-one’s commented on it for a while?
Maybe i’m missing something, can someone help me out?
cheers :slight_smile:

I think the main reason for locking on ressurection is due to changes in many aspects of what the community is built on. Particularly with threads on things such as technical advice that are from 2007, for example. Most people NOW use 2.5x or 2.49b in the case of people doing game projects. Many thousands of thing(literally) have changed since then. Also, people who are no longer on the site (whether it by banning, or simply losing interest) are in the conversations, so it becomes confusing. It is all about relevance, and most of the time old threads are no longer relevant.

Remember also that “being a moderator is no picnic.” Someone (a volunteer…) is tasked with the decision and with the power to exercise that decision. If you think they made a mistake, discuss the matter with them by private message. But, also give fair consideration to the notion that perhaps they didn’t make a mistake. Consider asking them how you might have achieved your purpose in a better way; then, listen.

The role of a moderator can be thought of as the role of an editor, but one who acts by means of intervention instead of approval. There is (usually) no gatekeeper, but the ebb and flow of conversation can nevertheless be controlled on a case-wise basis. The moderator’s powers can be draconian if they need to be, but they rarely need to be, and a mark of a good site (in my opinion) is that such interventions occur very rarely.

(In direct contrast to this, and not to take a thread OT, I’m of the personal opinion that the “cgsociety.org” site has been utterly ruined by the capricious and often-exercised prerogatives of one “pangalactic overlord” who regularly uses his powers of intervention to a level of outright censorship. … And, please, let’s all just leave it at that, because a man’s home is his castle. I say that only in contrast, so that I can say the next sentence.) We have a lot to be happy about, here, and I think that the “mod” team does a very good and consistent job.

Don’t get me wrong - i’m not critising the moderators, i think they do a great job.
i just wondered if there was a reason they clodes threads due to ressurection.
surely it’s better than starting a new thread? it helps when searching the forum if people dont make two threads for the same thing.

but I don’t know :wink:

Well, I do think that wefyb’s comment has quite a bit of merit in that regard. Every thread is a product of its time. Meanwhile, the Blender product changes very quickly, and, in the 5.x releases, has been virtually transformed.

I would suggest that a new thread be opened, after a suitable search for older threads, and that you can include references to those threads in your new response… as bibliographic citations, if you will. This allows the interested reader to refer to the older, relevant content (without searching for it herself), but without the suggestion that all of the content of that thread is (still) relevant, as indeed it might not be.

This would be, I think, a much better approach toward presenting the new content. For one thing, it sets the stage in such a way that the “newcomer” will not assume (as he otherwise would, quite reasonably, assume) that valid, today-relevant, up-to-date content still exists in the original thread. The content is incorporated by reference but not resurrection.

Agreed with sundialsvc4, for example, tutorials should have in citations which version they are for. There is many tutorials that work perfectly cross version, but there is certain things (Radiosity -> Emit) that simply don’t translate. Although I agree withCasio23 that commenting on an old thread is better for the SERVERS, it is not necesarily good for the OVERALL. And yes, our mods do an absolutely incredible job, especially considering how many spambots lurk in these hallowed halls…

I wonder why topics aren’t automatically locked after 1 year of inactivity (like on a few other forums I’ve seen)? Sure in some cases it should be allowed, but most of the time they get locked anyway. I’ve seen a few topics being bumped last few weeks and they were all locked. But in that case perhaps we can send a message to a mod requesting to reopen a specific topic.

This is no complaint btw. The mods are doing a great job. Resurrected topics are locked fast! Although it is kinda distracting to start reading a topic (without looking at the start date) to notice at the end of the thread: “Oh, this is an old thread and has been locked. Can’t reply anyway. :-/”

i suppose those are good reasons :slight_smile:
thanks guys

Yeah, it’s more relevant on the forums that are actually about Blender (as opposed to off-topic) but it’s just to try to prevent confusion and keep the forums tidy.

There are some moderators who are moderate in their views, while others are just out to get you. I can’t name names as I will be banned, but PlantPerson is a good sort who helps us and stand for us as Plantperson is nice.
I do agree that the forum needs to be kept neat and tidy, and also to mantain discipline, as sometimes there are a few immature members here who deserve a clip behind the ears. But mostly members are nice here.

“Your mileage may vary,” kbot, but in however-many thousand posts here I have never encountered anything, nor anyone, that would make me remotely willing to agree with your assertion about moderators “being out to get you.” I very politely say to that, “Buncombe. :slight_smile: It’s just not the case.”

As far as “immature members” go, well, heck, everybody has good days and bad days and sometimes buttons get pushed. But this is one of the finest communities that I regularly participate in.

why lock things due to resurrection?

because the forum is hostile towards zombies :smiley:

You just made my day with that comment. +10 internets for you :stuck_out_tongue:


I can understand locking a bunch of the threads that get resurrected, because a lot of them are really old, but one I saw the other day was one of my old ones that wasn’t really that old, it was about movies or something, just chit chat that got closed, I really didn’t get way. But I don’t care, I haven’t cared about that thread for a whiles.

Is it just me, or do any of you think that Plantperson is like an awesome moderator!!! He’s on here about as much as me!!! And does a lot of good for BA, Plantperson! How do you even have time to Blend stuff anymore!?!?

Well, if you look around you’ll note that I’m not doing a huge amount of Blending anymore (although I have been doing some Blending for pay, which is pretty awesome). Most of my free time is involved in other forms of art nowadays.

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! It’s nice to be appreciated.

I actually wonder why volunteers like PP get burdened with such an useless task. In the 21st century most forum software got plenty of maintainance settings.

if (thread(number)->get.last.activity >= 31) thread(number)->status(lock)

When there´s no activity in a thread for a month why keep it open in the first place?

Well, for some types of threads it can be okay. Long-running projects may only make four or five posts a year, but it makes sense for them to be able to post in their old thread when they want to. In any case, we only have to lock a handful of resurrected threads anyway (I estimate two or three a month), so it doesn’t waste a lot of time. In fact, I’ve probably spent nearly as much time replying to this thread as I have locking resurrected threads.

sundialsvc4’s first paragraph says it all. :ba:

heh heh heh
only you guys would thing of this… you’re all crazy.
and plant person is my favourite moderator, mainlt because he has the best name, followed by the best avatar, followed by the best sense of humour [amongst moderators]

It’s also worth noting that some zombie threads are resurrecting long-dead arguments that never lead to a productive solution, but ended before it was necessary to lock. Rather than revisit the topic and relive an equally unproductive shoutfest, a mod will sometimes pre-emptively lock the zombie up.